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Adult Spiritual Formation
Bible Study
Meditation Groups

Adult Spiritual Formation

Fall 2013

On Sunday Mornings…….
The Rev. James C. Blackburn will be leading a fascinating program about Christian, Jewish, and Muslim mystics. This 4 week series will be held on Sunday mornings from 9-9:45 in the Women’s Council Room beginning September 15. He will explore the similarities of the quests of these individuals and talk about how they would have actually enjoyed being in dialog around the same table. The dates are September 15, 22, 29, and October 6.

Rector’s Bible Study Class: The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached 
The topic of our study will be the Sermon on the Mount.  We will study Matthew’s version and Luke’s different version.  We will ask about their common source, namely Q or a modified variance of Q for each version.  (If you don’t know what this means, all the more reason to come to the class)  We will begin with the familiar Beatitudes.  We will ask questions of the text and examine historical interpretations from various ages and sages.  And we will consider this primary question, “What if Jesus really said it and really meant it?” Classes begin on October 7th.  We will meet each Monday morning from 10 am to 11:30 am.  There will be no corresponding evening repeat class this year, since we envision other mid-week evening adult education offerings. Bring your curiosity, a bible, a friend and your hesitation because you don’t think you know enough to take the class.  There is a reason that crowds of mostly uneducated people came out and gathered on the mountain for The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached.

 Early Morning Bible Study
An informal bible study and discussion meets each Wednesday morning in the Cloister Room from 6:30 am to 7:15 am.  This time is intended to accommodate those whose schedules present difficulties with our other offerings.  You are welcome to bring your breakfast beverage and food.  Bring a bible or we can provide one.  The format will be reading a passage and discussing the question, “How does this passage have an impact or influence on my daily life?”

Women Who Wonder
Although we have been meeting on a ‘reduced’ schedule during the summer, Women Who Wonder will officially begin again on Thursday, September 12. Our gathering runs from 10-11:30 a.m. each Thursday in the Women’s Council Room. So what is ‘Women Who Wonder’?  The simple answer is that we explore questions of the spirit through art,  music, poetry, movies, books and outside speakers.  We ponder the essence of our humanity and learn about other faith traditions. There is not a set ‘curriculum’; often we go in an unplanned direction due to something that happens in the spontaneity of our discussions.  Flexibility, humor, respect, curiosity and listening, are characteristics of the group.   People come and go as they are able so there is not a need for long term commitment. In addition, you do not have to be part of the Redeemer congregation to participate. We have friends of friends who are regularly involved! All are       welcome! For further information contact: the Rev. Caroline Stewart at 410-435-7333 or

Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer is a type of meditation that is specific to Christianity. We learn to relate to God without the use of words.  This practice falls under the umbrella of meditation, when meditation is defined as a discipline of intentional silence.  Unlike most meditation practices, it is not a concentration practice.  We do not try to keep thoughts out of our minds by concentrating on a specific word or other focus.  Instead, it is a practice of letting go when we become of aware of thoughts.

The Saturday group meets in the Cloister Room from 10:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.  This group explores in depth the underpinnings of the practice; we read and share our thoughts about these writings for the first 50 minutes.  After a 10-minute break we sit in Centering Prayer for 30 minutes.

The Wednesday evening group also meets in the Cloister Room, but from 6:15 p.m. until 7:15 p.m.  We follow this schedule:  1) We begin the evening by sitting in Centering Prayer for 30 minutes.  2) After meditating we read and share our thoughts about the readings for 30 minutes.

Both groups may at times view DVDs about the practice of Centering Prayer, in place of reading.

New members are welcome to attend and begin at any time.  Please phone (410 377-0381) or email ( ) Sherrill Pantle to confirm the meeting times and places before coming.


Ministry Opportunity
If adult spiritual formation is your calling, if you have a program you would like to suggest or plan or offer, or if you are looking for a ministry at Redeemer, we would love to talk with you about your ideas or interest in joining our ministry. Please let any member of the Christian Formation Committee or Redeemer's clergy know of your interest. We'd love to hear from you.

We look forward to your participation in one or more of our programs!

For more information, contact:
Clergy Liaison: The Rev. Caroline Stewart: 410-435-7333 ext. 228