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Home Worship Spiritual Growth Children & Youth Music Outreach Support Us Who We Are
Faith at Five
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Contemporary Worship at Redeemer

  Faith at Five Logo

Chapel Outside
Chapel Saturday Lighting
Chapel Stained Glass
Chapel Normal Lighting

Saturdays at 5:00 p.m. in our beautiful, candlelit church
Robert Chrystal, Director of Contemporary Worship
"Come as you are...and bring a friend."

Faith@Five is emerging as an authentic and powerful worship experience that not only draws people into a new relationship with God, but also brings people into a deeper relationship with each other. This worship service is rooted in the faith handed down by Christians through the generations, yet it feels very personal. We follow the Christian calendar and use the same liturgical structure that you find on Sundays.

Faith@Five offers an inclusive atmosphere. We welcome you right where you are on your journey in faith. The sacraments are part of every service; everyone is welcome to share in them. Together, we seek out answers to today's challenges as we view life through Scripture, tradition, and reason. In addition, refreshments and fellowship are always a part of our after-service activities.

Faith@Five's comfortable and contemporary worship style may be the change of pace you need from time to time, or it may become your preferred style of worship. We hope you will enjoy the music, the community, the prayers, and the expression of faith that you will experience here in our beautiful, candlelit church. The service runs about an hour.


Faith@Five was officially launched on August 11, 2006. It came about after several Redeemer parishioners expressed a desire for something new and different. They were seeking a way to "change up" their spiritual experience - to keep their faith fresh and meaningful. Over the past five years, with the help of Redeemer clergy members, the Vision Team (a lay leadership team formed in August, 2007), and the Connections Choir, the service evolved into something completely different from most contemporary worship services that you may encounter. Faith@Five now has its own signature style and a large repertoire of music. It also has found a unique way to contribute to the mosaic at The Church of the Redeemer.


The worship music is provided by the Connections Choir under the direction of Robert Chrystal (Music and Ministry CV available here). The sounds of this choir are modern, showcasing the best of Contemporary Christian Music (1960-present), peaceful Taize meditations, spirituals, and locally composed choral music arranged with rich, moving harmonies. You will also recognize many of your traditional favorites such as "Amazing Grace," "Take My Hand, Precious Lord," and "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing." This music embraces you, inspires you. Many have commented that they continue to sing these beautiful melodies throughout the week.

Please visit the Connections Choir/Faith@Five YouTube Channel to view the choir's music videos, samples of Faith@Five prayers, and clips of memorable sermons.


Faith@Five has its own version of "The Prayers of the People." In the true spirit of meditation and reflection, during the prayers an opportunity is given to parishioners, to choir members, and to clergy to participate. Prayers for this service are custom written or compiled around the liturgical theme of the day, and they include sections of responsive, extemporaneous, and reflective prayer. Each week a simple Taize song or meditative chorus is sung between the sections of prayer to allow people to connect with God in new and meaningful ways.


It would seem logical to assume that the congregation is made up primarily of people under 30, but Faith@Five has grown into a wonderfully diverse community with a mixture of ages, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. We hope that newcomers who do not enjoy a formal Sunday service will try this new style of worship being offered at Redeemer.

We encourage you to bring your friends and to become a part of this widening circle of Saturday celebrants!


The liturgy, lyrics, colorful lighting, and beautiful, high-definition images are projected throughout the service using a unique PowerPoint slide show. We want this service to be comfortable, personal, and affecting. Many people find that they are able to focus on the worship experience much better when they are not turning pages in a hymnal or following a printed liturgical program.