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Weekly Reflection

July 21, 2016

“Water and Gatorade … it doesn’t sound like much, but it was a special delivery one mailman wasn’t expecting …,” a young voice is heard over the microphone, with a WMAR-ABC2 TV news camera light shining on her face. “A cooler full of cold beverages was packed by eight-year-old Carmine McDaniel who wanted to help the postal worker beat the heat…” the voice continues, following this bit of “good news” script for the morning.

But the voice belongs not to Megan Knight, the regular morning news reporter for WMAR-ABC2; it belongs to Akendra Young, a rising 5th grader at Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary School and resident of Pigtown, who is learning the ins and outs of T.V. news reporting as part of Paul’s Place Camp: Daring Dreamers at Redeemer.

With Megan Knight and WMAR-ABC2 TV colleague Lauren Cook standing alongside for moral support and coaching in our Parish Hall, Akendra was one of several “Daring Dreamers” this morning who got a chance to experience what it might feel like to make a living as a local T.V. news reporter.

Antoine Silvia, a fellow resident of Pigtown and rising 3rd grader, got his time in the limelight as well. “Last week, two people saw groups of dolphins swimming in waters around Severn. Natural resources police are asking you to call them if you notice these dolphins are hurt …” Antoine rehearsed in front of the camera, his smile outshining the camera light.

Yesterday Antoine, Akendra and their fellow-campers practiced listening for their heartbeats through stethoscopes, thanks to Lauren Bogue, a parishioner and pediatrician who kicked off the morning by passing around a sheet of plastic wrap; she invited the children to take turns rustling it around, to imitate what they might hear through their scopes if their breathing is irregular or obstructed.

Tomorrow another parishioner, Paige Marvel, recently elected for a 2-year term as Chief Judge of the U.S. Tax Court, will lead campers and counselors in putting “Goldilocks on Trial.” Drew Warren, one of our camp counselors and a rising senior at St. Paul’s School, has kindly volunteered to play the role of Papa Bear.

Daring Dreamers is the dream-turned-reality of parishioners Hope Duke, a rising sophomore at the College of William & Mary, and Jake Hooper, a rising sophomore at the University of Richmond, who have been working hard over the past several months and weeks, planning and organizing this summer’s week-long camp, a cherished, years-long tradition at Redeemer. Thanks to them and our camp staff, our generous contributors, and our partners at Paul’s Place, 35 children from southwest Baltimore can dare to dream beyond the nightmare of other kinds of news reports that we have become all too familiar with in our city and country.

Dare we continue to dream … and to work alongside them … to make their dreams, and our dream of One Baltimore, a reality, too?