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Weekly Reflection

May 19, 2016


 “Love is beautiful when it’s professed but it’s only meaningful when it’s practiced.” – Brene Brown (researcher, author and acclaimed TED-talk speaker https://www.ted.com/speakers/brene_brown)

I wonder how many hours our O’s third baseman Manny Machado spends practicing hitting, throwing and catching a baseball every week?

Or how many hours pro golfer Jordan Spieth spends on the green, practicing hitting golf balls every year?

Or how many hours a church musician spends practicing the organ to prepare for Sunday services over the course of a lifetime of ministry?

This weekend at Faith@Five on Saturday and at 8am and 10am on Sunday, we will gather together as a community of seekers, doubters, believers and followers to pray and to sing, as happens here at Redeemer every weekend. It is a weekend when the church calendar invites us to celebrate our uniquely Christian understanding (or rather, attempt to understand!) the “three-ness” of God as a “Triune Being” of “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” or “Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer” or “Source-of-All-Being, What-This-Looks-Like-Fully-Lived-As-A-Human-Being, and How-This-Continues-To-Enliven-And-Inspire-Us-Today”;  God as relationship; God as love overflowing, revealed and shared for all.
Love. Love. Love.

It is also the weekend when we will lift up and give thanks as a community for the 32-year ministry of our Henry Lowe as our beloved organist and director of music.

A number of us sat in the south transept yesterday afternoon, watching Henry instruct, guide, teach and lead our junior choristers in singing for this Sunday. With one hand, he played the melody on the piano. With his other hand, arm lifted, he marked the beat for our young, budding musicians to keep time as they danced and sang in front of the altar; an image that I, as I imagine you, too, have come to cherish for however long you have been here at Redeemer.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Two days ago, in an interview aired on PBS, our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry entertained the question: “What would happen if Christians just acted like Christians?”

In other words, what would happen if Christians not only professed love but practiced it?

Practice love. Practice love. Practice love.

What would happen, indeed?     


Click on link below to view full interview with Michael Curry: