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Weekly Reflection

October 2, 2014

Climate Change?!

We’ve enjoyed a delightful summer in Baltimore, moderate temperatures and sufficient rain!  By contrast, Taiwan (where the House of Bishops has just met) has experienced the hottest September on record.  Parts of our own country are dangerously dry and unseasonably hot.  Coastal flooding in many parts of our world are a direct result of the rapid melting of the polar caps and glaciers.  Scientists and world leaders are increasingly concerned about global warming.  Beyond the blaming game (and let’s be honest, we all share in contributing to this crisis), what can we do? 

On September 19th “A Pastoral Message on Climate Change” was issued by the heads of the Anglican Church of Canada, The Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.  Copies of the full text are available in the hallway near the Welcome Center.  One passage strikes me as especially instructive:

“While the challenges may seem daunting, the Spirit’s abundant gifts for service empower us to find common cause with people who exercise countless insights and skills,embodied in hundreds of occupations and trades….  Opportunities to act imaginatively and courageously abound in all our individual callings.  The Holy Spirit’s work in us leads us as faithful consumers and investors in a global economy to make responsible choices to reduce energy use, carbon emissions, and wasteful consumption of water and other natural resources.  As citizens, we have voices to use in educating children and in shaping public and corporate policies that affect the environment.  The Spirit has also given us voices to contribute our witness to public discussion of just and reasonable use of natural resources.  We also have the resources and responsibility to act together for the common good, especially for those most vulnerable to the effects of climate change…”

So how are you investing in environmental stability?  In what conservation efforts are you and your family actively involved?  What are you saying (and more importantly, doing as well as saying) to your children and grandchildren about conservation?  What decisions are you making to encourage sustainability?  How are you reducing your personal consumption of water and other vital resources?  What companies are you investing in or deciding not to invest in?  These and a host of others are questions we should all be asking.  In October we are asking all our members and friends to prayerfully consider investing more in the things that really matter.  Investing in the health and sustainability of our environment (our world) will greatly assure a happy future for our children and grandchildren and all the children of the world.

+Bob Ihloff